DevSecOps & Secure Software Factory Workshop

Build a Secure Software Factory for a number of containers leveraging several tools such as CloudBees Core, the Sonatype Nexus platform, GitLab, SonarQube, and more, all hosted on the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform.

Who should attend this workshop?

  • Architects
  • Developers
  • Operations Engineers
  • Technical Leads
  • Security Practitioners

What you will learn

  • Development on Kubernetes with Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform
  • Enterprise Jenkins with CloudBees Core
  • Open-Source Governence & Supply Chains using Sonatype
  • Static Code Analysis and Container Testing
  • Application & Cloud Intelligence powered by Dynatrace AI
  • Monitoring and Security from SysDig
  • Baseline security set with Mindpoint Group's Lockdown Enterprise
  • Building a Secure Software Factory

This DevSecOps & Secure Software Factory Workshop is meant for anyone who has an interest in seeing the how, what, and why you should invest in your Software Development Ecosytem. We'll start with fundamental use of container technologies and Kubernetes basics in Red Hat OpenShift, and end with the execution of a pipeline with many principal considerations and technologies required in building a Secure Software Factory.

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