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The fastest way to enable your team with enterprise technologies from Red Hat, CloudBees, Cloudera, and more.

Fierce Software offers a series of training workshops created in collaboration with some of our partners from Red Hat, Cloudera, CloudBees, and Sonatype just to name a few. There are courses that focus & highlight on specific vendor technologies and then there are the workshops that are larger efforts sourcing many different technologies, such as our Cyber Threat Hunting or DevSecOps programs.

We provide these workshops as a complimentary service to our customers, with engagements ranging from half-day sessions to week-long training campaigns. Please browse our Workshop Catalog and contact us now for your own Fierce training event!

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Fierce Software

Secure Software Factories

Participants will step through our Secure Software Factory, a culmination of DevSecOps efforts over the years. Build containers, enable continuous deployment & monitoring, scan applications, and even have fun with ChatOps.

Red Hat

Advanced Ansible Engine

Automation is the the most in-demand skill and workshop participants will learn how to automate with Ansible. Start from the command line and simple tasks, to building complex Playbooks, Modules, & Roles, and using secrets in Vault.

Red Hat

Ansible Tower

Jump into a lab environment and build Red Hat Ansible Tower playbooks to build in security, empower junior staff and offload senior staff, by automating your most tedious tasks!

Red Hat

Ansible for Networking

This workshops will enable you to create playbooks to automate networking devices from Arista (EOS), Cisco (IOS, IOS XR, NX-OS), Juniper (JunOS), Open vSwitch, and VyOS and many more! Includes Ansible Tower curated content specifically for network use cases.


Absolutely nothing! It is a free service that provide to our customers to better enable their teams with the software that we provide.
It can be either at your physical location, or otherwise we can provide a neutral venue within proximity such as one of the many Marriott hotels if connectivity or security issues arise.
You bet! Throughout the year we coordinate different workshop roadshows where we'll go from city to city and provide a public workshop for anyone who would like to join. We distribute these events through our Workshop Newsletter list. To join, simply message with your name and zip code (so we don't spam you with East coast events if you're in sunny California).
That really depends on the length and number of workshops. If we provide an all-day workshop event, it usually includes a catered breakfast, lunch, and soft beverage service. We can provide a mobile lab of Chromebooks in case local terminals are not available. All workshops are conducted through a web browser so no special preliminary setup or software is required.
This is our Next-Generation workshop platform. For our entire workshop porfolio, including those who haven't been ported to this new platform yet, you can reference our Schedule a Workshop page.